DGU Blinds is a system in which a blind is mounted between the glass in an Insulating glass unit. The product does not change the characteristics of the insulation glass and is Completely protected by it. Consequently dust, dirt and weather circumstances do not influence to blind, which makes maintenance unnecessary.

DGU Glass Blind is a high-quality product line that has been developed out of a high-tech vision and meets strict norms with regard to quality, user friendliness and durability.

Ideal for Offices | Homes | Hospitals | Hotels | etc.

Manual IG Blinds

Manually operated system with a 12.5mm Slat size in a 20mm hollow spacer. The Blind is operated by sliding an external slide magnet, connected to an internal magnet, across the surface of the glass. This operation provides ease of lower, raising and tilt/turn of blind.

Motorized IG Blinds

The motorized system is able to lift, lower & tilt the blinds smoothly and with precision. The electric system can be encapsulated within 20mm and 27 mm hollow spacer with respectively 12.5mm and 16mm slat size in double glass units.